United Auto Recycling is the ultimate solution for selling your car. Any car. That’s our mission, at least—to make the car selling process as quick, effortless, contemporary, and pleasurable as can be.

While our focus is on purchasing cars, customer service is undoubtedly our greatest strength.

Once we inquire about approximately twelve questions regarding your vehicle, we analyze the market data pertaining to it in order to generate an immediate offer. Rest assured, we won’t require any of your contact or personal details before you can view the offer. You will have a timeframe of seven days to accept our offer.

Upon accepting the offer (woo-hoo!), you can arrange for a convenient pickup. When our local towing partner arrives, they will conduct a brief evaluation of your vehicle to ensure everything is in order. Following this, you will receive your payment.

The outcome depends on the condition of the vehicle. It could be resold or recycled, depending on the circumstances. Our extensive network consists of car buyers, salvage yards, junk yards, wholesalers, and diverse recyclers, allowing us to make the most efficient determination regarding the appropriate destination for each car or part.
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